My Favorite Bible Study Methods

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Over the years I’ve studied the Bible using many different methods. Some of them I liked and others I didn’t like at all. Bible study methods abound and the style varies just as much as personalities do, they are not a one size fits all.

Discover new Bible study methods

Today I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite Bible study methods that I’ve used over the years.

In Depth Bible Study

I love to learn from Bible scholars, thus I find in depth Bible study to be my personal favorite Bible study method. I love my set of Matthew Henry Commentaries and when I’m using this method you can find me buried with them, notebooks, concordances and more!

Currently my life schedule/responsibilities don’t allow for much of this Bible study method, but I love the times when I am able to use it.

Word Studies

Often times God will lay a particular word on my heart and He directs me to study it throughout His word. At times it may be a word that is personal for me, one for my family, my marriage or my home. Words that I’ve studied in the past include; worship, prayer, tongue, patience, etc.

If you’d like to try this Bible study method you’ll need a concordance, dictionary and a Bible. My friend Stephanie has some wonderful printable Bible word studies here, if you’d like to try this method of Bible study, but are unsure how to start.

Devotion Book Studies

I’ve used many different devotional book studies over the years, while they aren’t a replacement for studying God’s word, they can provide much encouragement or direction that you may need at different times in your life.

Some of my favorite devotional book studies are from; Women of Faith, Beth Moore and Karen Ehman.

This type of Bible study method is a wonderful way to start a women’s Bible study group in your home or you can do them alone as I did.

Good Morning Girls

My current Bible study method (which can easily be used with my favorite method) is Good Morning Girls.

I first discovered GMG as a young (exhausted) mom and fell in love with the grace and ease of Bible study it provided. I found encouragement to be in God’s word daily, no in depth long Bible reading time required and grace if I didn’t complete my daily reading because of a sick baby or overtime at work.

I’m now blessed to be part of the GMG leadership team and am faithfully studying the Bible daily with thousands of women around the world!

We just kicked off a three year Bible study to read through the entire Bible and I’m loving it! If you’d like to find out how we study the Bible, check out our Facebook page and feel free to jump right in with us!

 A New Bible Study Method I Want to Try!

Courtney from Women Living Well recently shared this fellow Good Morning Girls’ Bible study method and I would really love to try it! The colors and way she shares what God speaks to her is inspiring!

You should definitely check it out here –> This Good Morning Girl’s Bible Study Journal is AMAZING!


As I’ve said throughout this series, it isn’t a particular time of day, length of time or Bible study method that God is asking us to use or do. He simply desires to spend time with us and grow our relationship stronger. So, no matter how you study God’s word, just commit to being faithful!


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My Favorite Bible Study Methods — 5 Comments

  1. These are some great resources. I wonder if Courtney is using the Inductive Bible Study. That’s my favorite and I’m teaching it to my children beginning with the book of Romans right now. You can find details on I shared a picture on Instagram of my Bible and my son doing it as well. It’s an amazing way to really dig deep. Another resource that’s great for Moms are the books on Doorposts – for busy Moms (and she has posts that help you walk through it with your children, as well).

    • I’m not sure if Courtney is using that method, she hasn’t mentioned it to us if she is. I will have to look into that one, because it’s not something I’ve heard of before. I’ve seen your Instagram photos and wondered what it was 🙂 Blessings Rebecca! <3

  2. I’ve used those ways as well. Currently, I’m doing the GMG with y’all, AND a Precept’s study, which is the inductive method. Which I love so very much. I have two littles, so my methods change minute to minute!! lol Anything, to get the Word of God in my mind and heart.

    I, too, LOVE that young womans method! SO colorful!! I’ve started using more color in a similar way myself. 🙂 It’s fun! ANd catches my eye, makes those chapters more inviting to me…isn’t that weird?

    • I will have to look into the Precept’s study 🙂 I’ve never heard of that one! It is important to use anyway possible to get into God’s word each day! I need to start using colors too! I really loved her journal! Blessings Peggy!

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