My Future is Not Dictated by My Past

How very thankful I am that God’s grace is a gift that He bestows upon us even when we don’t deserve it…even after we’ve failed Him time and time again. There have been countless times in my life that I have chosen to go my own way even though I definitely knew that it was not God’s will for me.

My Future is Not Dictated by My Past

As I was reading all about Jacob this week through the Good Morning Girls’ Bible study, I realized that just like my future wasn’t dictated by my past, neither was his.

Jacob’s life was filled with lies and deceit throughout Genesis. From the time he deceived his father to allowing his family to have false gods when he knew the one true God. Jacob’s past was full of nothing good and yet, God continued to bless him while he was serving his Uncle Laban.

When Jacob wanted to go home, we see again God’s hand upon him when Laban was told to leave him alone. Jacob had stolen away with his family and many of the flocks that had been on Laban’s land, much of the reason for sneaking away is probably because Jacob knew that he wouldn’t let him leave, but he still snuck away without even letting Laban bid his daughters and grandchildren goodbye.

With Jacob heading home he knew that there was a big risk in returning, he had wronged his brother and he knew that Esau had wanted him dead at the time of his departure. He prepared to meet up with Esau by sending ahead many gifts from the blessings which God had bestowed upon him in hopes of gaining his favor. Yet, God’s blessings are always more than we could ever hope to receive and Esau received his brother lovingly and offered grace and forgiveness for all Jacob’s past wrongdoings against him.

Jacob didn’t deserve any of the good that God allowed to happen throughout his life, but through God’s grace and mercy, Jacob was blessed abundantly.

This truth rings true still today…

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When we’ve turned away from our foolishness and pride, when we’ve chosen to serve the Lord with all of our hearts, His blessings will be given. God doesn’t hold grudges. He doesn’t dig up the sins of our past and hold them against us. God’s forgiveness is forever and our slate is wiped clean. What wonderful blessings these are alone and still God often gives us so much more.

I’m so thankful that Jesus died on the cross so that I could be forever forgiven. I used to wish that my past was not so full of mistakes…bad choices…things I wish I could change…but one day this thought hit me…

If I hadn’t been through the hard times…then I wouldn’t truly know what amazing grace is. I had to go through the battles and hard times in order to truly understand all that Jesus did for me and how much I need Him because I am so very lost without Him.

How thankful I am that my future is not dictated by my past.

Below is one of my favorite songs, by my favorite female Christian artist. It could be a song directly from my heart. It is my prayer that it is a blessing to you and a song from your heart to the Lord as it is from mine. <3


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My Future is Not Dictated by My Past — 6 Comments

  1. Thank God that my past doesn’t dictate my future. 🙂

    And I agree about the hard times. While I’m not proud of the mistakes I made in the past, I own them. They are mine. Without them, I wouldn’t have learned and grown to where I am today.

    • Yes, I am who I am because of my past…I wouldn’t be who I am today without the experiences, pain and the joy! Blessings Julie!

  2. I have traveled many troubled waters, and yes I agree, my future is not bound by my past. I really enjoy the song “How Would I know” and thank you for sharing it.

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