God’s Design for Marriage

The first relationship in this series that we are going to look at is marriage. Our marriages are to be the most important relationship that we have on the earth. No other human being is supposed to be more important than our spouse. Yet, all it takes is a look at the world’s marriage statistics to see that marriages are failing across the board, Christian marriages just as much as any other it seems. It is my prayer that through this series we will take a good look at our marriages and compare them to what God’s design for marriage is and ensure that we are doing what God calls us to do within our marriages.



A marriage relationship is unique and special in so many ways. No other relationship contains the depth of love and acceptance, the sacrifice and smiles, and the beauty and the pain that you find in a marriage. It is the most wonderful relationship that we can have. God blessed us with marriage, and what an amazing gift marriage truly is.

Marriage requires much of both the husband and the wife. It is a relationship that is deeply desired, but many spouses don’t truly understand how to reach the depth that they long for. We must realize that the depth of our marriage is dependent on how closely we follow God’s design for marriage.

God’s Design for Marriage

A husband and wife must learn to come together with the Lord in order to truly live their lives united. Without the Lord binding them as one, their relationship will not be as strong or secure as God intended.

God designed marriage to be a truly beautiful picture of Christ and the Church. A husband is placed over his wife to protect, guide and love her, just as Christ protects, guides and loves us. A wife falls under her husband to help/serve, love and respect her husband, just as we are to serve, love and respect Christ.

A midst the protection, guidance, love, service and respect that a God designed marriage has, a strong, healthy couple stands.

Having a healthy and Godly marriage doesn’t happen by itself or overnight. In the coming weeks we’ll look at ways to grow our marriages, protect our marriages and much more! I hope you’ll be encourage as we seek the Lord’s will for our marriages.

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  1. Great post. I especially liked it when you revealed “the depth of our marriage is dependent on how closely we follow God’s design for marriage.” I believe our quality of life in general is dependent on how closely we follow God!

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