Her Purity, Her Husband…Her Future

As I came closer to having “the talks” with my daughter in regards to her purity, her husband and her future, I desired to help her see that purity is something special. That it is a prize she doesn’t want to let go of, one that she holds safe until her wedding day. I knew I wanted it to be something she could see, a daily visible reminder of the very special prize she needs to hold on to.

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future

I found the answer I was looking for in a custom locket. In it I was able to piece together all of the beauty I desired my daughter to understand about her purity, her husband and her future.

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future


I spent a couple hours put together all of the parts of the locket for my daughter and a matching one for myself. Each charm for inside the locket stands for some part of our upcoming talks, her purity and her husband. I believe that by breaking down and explaining all of the beauty in God’s design for purity, marriage and sex that our daughters will have a greater understanding, connection and desire to remain pure until their wedding day.

Below you’ll find the charms I selected for our lockets and the part of the picture they are to represent, including God, her purity, her husband and her future.


God is supposed to be first in our lives, even above our husbands. I picked the cross charm to teach her that God must be first, even above a husband and his love. 

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future


God designed her beautifully and unique! Her birthstone charm is a picture of His design…her!

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future


The pearl represents her purity, which is priceless and without spot. 

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future


The hope charm is to keep her looking to God and hoping for the day that He brings her husband into her life. 

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future



I chose the lock charm to remind her that her heart is to remain locked to men until God brings her husband to her.

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future



I selected the key charm to encourage her that God created one man specifically designed for her, and that he alone can truly unlock her heart. 

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future


The wedding ring charm is to serve as remembrance that she is to patiently wait in purity for her husband to place a ring on her finger. 

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future



Looking forward to her wedding day, I chose the charm, love, to be added to her locket as the “something new” she wears on the day she becomes a wife. 

Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future



These beautiful custom lockets came from Origami Owl. I purchased them as part of a party for my dear friend Mandy from Women of Worship, who is preparing for their family’s upcoming adoption.

If you would like to see more of what Origami Owl has to offer and/or would like to help bring Mandy’s bundle of joy home, please visit her party via the link below. All of the proceeds from this party will go towards bringing their baby home.

Mandy’s Origami Owl Party


Her Purity, Her Husband...Her Future

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Her Purity, Her Husband…Her Future — 6 Comments

  1. What a meaningful and beautiful message. Purity is a lost virtue in our day. My daughter is getting married in December and her doctor didn’t want to believe she wasn’t sexually active. Thank the Lord for those who are staying pure. I believe more would if their parents would involve themselves like you did. ~Pamela

    • Yes, raising children that remain pure is not easy and it requires significant involvement. It isn’t a comfortable topic, but it’s better than having to talk about the results of not remaining pure. Thank you for stoppin by Pamela.

  2. What a precious gift to your daughter. Beautiful, made even more so by the meaning behind the charms. May God bless “the talk” with your daughter and her years to come.

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