God’s Amazing Grace

This last week we’ve looked into the life of Abram, Sarai and Lot through chapters 12-18 of Genesis.

Through our Good Morning Girl's study this week we've seen God's amazing grace.

It’s amazing to me that through it all that God’s amazing grace is so clearly evident in each of the different situations. Through deceit and lies, family fighting and more, we see God’s grace given time and again.

Genesis 12:13, 15 & 17

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Abram asks his wife to tell a lie (though she was his sister too) so that he could live. Sarai doesn’t argue or fight this request and God blesses her for her submission and obedience by plaguing Pharaoh’s home, sending a message that Sarai shouldn’t be touched.

Genesis 13:8-9

My Thoughts on This Scripture

In Genesis 12:1 God directed Abram to move and promised great blessings for his family. Now we find that Lot and Abram’s people are fighting. Abram knows what God has promised him and he gives Lot the first pick of the lands before them. Abram’s faith that God would ensure he went where He wanted is evident in this decision.

Genesis 14:22-23

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Abram knows the victory belonged to the Lord and he gave God the glory and refused any worldly goods from the king to ensure the glory belonged to the Lord alone.

Genesis 15:2-6

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Abram asks God about the seed He had promised to give him and God answered Him. Abram didn’t question His answer, he simply believed God.

Genesis 16:2

My Thoughts on This Scripture

There are too many “mays” in Sarai’s idea. She obviously was operating on her own thoughts and feelings and had failed to seek the Lord’s direction. It’s apparent that Abram didn’t seek the Lord either, instead he listened and did as his wife requested. (Remind anyone of another story of Genesis?)

Genesis 17:3, 18, 20-21

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Abram falls before the Lord because God still desired to establish a covenant with him even though he acted out of God’s will with Hagar. Abram knew he was responsible for Ishmael and brought him before the Lord for blessing as he was Abram’s firstborn son. God acknowledges Abram’s request and blesses Ishmael as well, but specifically states that the covenant will be established with Isaac.

Genesis 18:17-19

My Thoughts on This Scripture

God knew what Abram’s legacy would be. He knew he would raise his son and descendants to love the Lord and live rightly. Because of t his God chose to tell Abram about the coming destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah.
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  2. Genesis has been such an awesome study!! Because I am slowinv down and studying one. Chapter at a time, I have been getting so much out of it. I enjoyed what you shared from the past week.

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