Tips to Faithfully Study the Bible

Once you’ve taken the steps to establish a Bible study routine, now you must strive to be faithful. Setting up a schedule or routine for your Bible study is often the easy part. When life gets going and days are full is when being faithful can become challenging. This is when being intentional with our daily to dos and commitments becomes necessary.

Taking time to study the Bible faithfully requires commitment.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tips that have helped me study the Bible more faithfully. There are days that I haven’t spent time in God’s word due to my lack of planning, sickness, etc. When I follow the tips below I find that I am more faithful in my Bible study. It is my prayer that these tips are helpful to you today. It is so important that we are faithful in our Bible study time with the Lord.

Make a Commitment to God

Choosing to study the Bible faithfully requires a commitment to the Lord, to be in His word daily as much as possible. Whether you set a particular time aside each day or simply decide to read before bed, the time of day doesn’t matter…it’s about committing to spend time in God’s word faithfully.

Find an Accountability Partner

Having someone in your life that will encourage you to be in God’s word each day is very important! Life does throw us curve balls, time slips away throughout the day, etc. This is why having an accountability partner is key! Your husband, best friend or parent are great options for encouraging you to be in God’s word daily. If these are not an option, I encourage you to check out Good Morning Girls!

Set a Reminder

The truth is that life gets busy and we get focused on the needs of today. While our intentions to faithfully study the Bible are good, life just happens sometimes and if we’re not careful, Bible study can be passed up.

Whether you use your cell phone calendar, your PC calendar, a kitchen calendar or a pen and your palm, put a reminder for your Bible study time where you won’t miss it each day! Mine is on my to do list!

Try Out New Ways to Study the Bible

Don’t feel tied down to just one method of studying the Bible. There are SO many ways to study the Bible, try out different ones to see which methods work best for you.

What inspires you to dig into God’s word each day? Start there! 


Next week I’m going to share some of my favorite ways to study the Bible! There is one method that I saw recently that I really want to try that I’ll share with you too!

Remember, it’s not the time of day, the quantity of time or the method of Bible study that matters, it’s simply being faithful in studying the Bible daily. 



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