Opportunities to do Good

As Christians we are to minister to others as part of the calling we’ve received from the Lord. God desires that we share His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness with everyone. In order to do this, we must first become more like Jesus by choosing (continually!) to cultivate love, grace, mercy and forgiveness in ourselves. This will help ensure that when we have opportunities to do good unto others that we make the most of them!

Opportunities to do Good - By Misty Leask

It isn’t always easy to do good unto all men. There will be times throughout our lives when we encounter someone we don’t feel like doing good unto. What we must remember in these instances is that it isn’t about how we feel, but instead that God has called us to do so and there aren’t any exceptions. 

Often times it is harder to do good unto fellow Christians. One reason may be because we focus more on reaching the world for God. We forget that while we are called to share the gift of salvation with the world, we are also on this journey together as fellow believers and without each other we can not fulfill the great commission. Another reason why it might be harder is because we don’t want other Christians to see that we don’t have it all together, so we don’t build deep relationships with them.

Galatians 6:10 says, As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

The Christian walk is not one that we can complete alone.

We need the Lord’s direction and wisdom, but we also need the support, prayers and friendship of other brothers and sisters in Christ. It is essential that we learn and take to heart just how much we, as Christians, need each other. God did not call us to walk through the valley and mountaintop experiences of our lives in this world alone.

Opportunities to do good unto our brothers and sisters in Christ will present themselves throughout lives. It is up to us how we will choose to respond. Will we decide to show the love of God to them or will we walk away? Is the grace of God what we desire to offer when another believer has hurt our feelings, whether intentional or otherwise?

God knew how important it was going to be for us to learn how to live together in unity as the world continues to turn away from Him.

He knew that we would need to hold tightly to each other as the end draws near. May we remember that God desires us to do good unto all men, but especially unto each other…as Christians.

How do you choose to do good unto fellow brothers and sisters in Christ when opportunities present themselves?

About Misty Leask

Misty is a Daughter of THE King, Texas girl always, Navy brat at heart, loving Fisherman's wife, blessed mother of 2. She is passionate about being real throughout all of life's struggles, successes and dreams. Her heart is full of ideas and passions, but the hours in her day never multiply to get it all done. Misty loves writing and reading in her spare time. Music and photography are favorite past times of hers as well.

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