Temperance in Our Homes

It seems like it’s been forever since my last Fruit of the Spirit post.

Though it is the final post in this series, I’m thrilled to be writing on such an important topic.

I honestly believe that God delayed this post intentionally. He has been working on this fruit in me for quite awhile now, and I don’t know that I would have been ready to write it any earlier.

The last fruit of the spirit listed is temperance. This is not a commonly used word currently, we recognize it better now as moderation or self control.

Something I’ve always been aware of is the height and depth of my emotions. I can rise on the wings of angels or I can sink to the depths of the sea based on my feelings.

As a young mother I did not understand the importance of controlling my emotions. I am now not only striving to learn temperance myself, but am also trying to teach my children the very same things at the same time……Oh what I wish I had learned NOT to do before they learned TO do them.


How do we show temperance in our homes?

1. Listen first.
Often we just ahead an interrupt before we’ve heard the matter at hand.
Allow others to finish speaking.

2. Breathe, Pray and Count to 10.
Counting is not just for kids to do.
Taking time to breathe and pray for wisdom for the issue at hand is key.

3. Remember YOU are the ADULT.
How we act is what they learn from.
Do we want them to be super emotional or yell at us?

4. Track our time.
Ensure we are using it effectively and not wasting any.
Our kids will learn how to use or waste time based on our examples.

5. Keep our priorities straight.
Often our pleasures and want to do’s take over that which should come first.
We must daily remind ourselves what is most important.

Each one of us must search our hearts to see what area of our lives requires greater temperance.

Temperance is important in each of our lives and is greatly lacking in our world and society. We have the ability to change the world’s direction by teaching our children the discipline and use of temperance. What we often forget when we tell our kids that we “expect more” from them, is that much of what they’ve learned is from us. We must seek God and His wisdom in helping our children learn temperance at a young age.

This year I’ve been blessed to come across a few great books that God has been using in my quest for temperance.¬†Earlier this year I read “Runaway Emotions” by Jeff Schreve tackles every day emotions and currently I’m reading “Unglued” by Lysa Terkeurst. It is amazing and relieving to see that I’m not the only one to have to fight my emotions day in and day out. If your emotions are a struggle I highly recommend both of these books.


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