Lies and Deceit

As the Good Morning Girls have been reading through the book of Genesis, there have been many things that have repeated themselves at different times and in different people’s lives. The same mistakes that were made by one person were often repeated again by someone else in the family. Yet, their stories are full of God’s grace and mercy. What wonderful examples we have throughout God’s word of people that have gone before us that have lives filled with mistakes and are still used of God for many amazing things!

We must remember that our past failures and mistakes do not limit God’s ability to use us today or in the future, our failure to yield to the Lord and accept His grace and mercy is what will hinder us from being able to fulfill the callings God places on us and our lives. 

Genesis 26:7

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Isaac no doubt had heard the stories of his father declaring unto various kings that Sarah was his sister and now we see that Isaac followed in his father’s footsteps doing the same with Rebekah. The major difference is that there was not an ounce of truth in Isaac’s lie, though there was some in Abraham’s deceit.

Genesis 27:6-11, 42-46

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My Thoughts on This Scripture

Rebekah’s partiality for Jacob causes her to deceive her husband and her son to lie and deceive his father. In deceiving and lying she must then send her beloved son away because of Esau’s hate for him. After Jacob had stolen Esau’s blessing, Rebekah must again life and deceive her husband as to why she is sending Jacob away.

Genesis 28:20-22

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Jacob was fearful of his life and was unsure of God and His power to save him from his brother Esau. So, he vows that if God does indeed care for him and brings him to his father’s house again in peace then He will be his God.

This made me stop and thinkHow often have I questioned God’s power in various situations in my life? 

Genesis 29:23-30

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Jacob is now faced with being deceived himself by his Uncle Laban. The wife he’d chosen was not given to him on their wedding night, instead Laban send his older daughter Leah. Jacob doesn’t notice until the following morning that he had married the wrong woman. Not only was he angry, but I would imagine he was probably embarrassed that he’d not noticed the night before.

Genesis 30

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Leah and Rachel are sisters that are in a situation that cause them to be envious of each other, though for different reasons. Leah has born children previously while Rachel remains barren at this time. Leah is not loved by Jacob even though she is the mother of his children and Rachel longs to bear Jacob’s children but is solely loved by him. Both women have something that the other desires. They each become willing to share their husband with yet two more women in order to count their children as their own. So, instead of trusting God and seeking Him in prayer and patience they took things into their own hands just as Isaac’s mother Sarah had done.

Genesis 31:19, 32-35

My Thoughts on This Scripture

Rachel stole from her father and then deceived him by lying about why she couldn’t rise when he was searching her tent. Just as Jacob had deceived his own father years previously, now we see his wife do the same for different reasons. What grace God showed by not allowing the images to be found for Jacob dearly loved Rachel and had they been found she would have been killed due to his oath.




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Lies and Deceit — 17 Comments

  1. I love reading your perspective on our study for this week! You are such a blessing to me!! When I think of this family line- I think it shows how much God can do! I mean, look, they really were quite dysfunctional acting! Yet, God’s grace is greater than all our sins!

    • Aww thanks hun! Right backatcha! How thankful I am for grace and God continuing to work through those that are broken! Hugs!

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  3. Great exploration of the family line of sin. Isn’t it wonderful that through Jesus, that curse is broken, and we can live out the blessings with our children instead of continuing in those tiresome sins of our fathers? I can see that a lot of work went into this post. Great job, and thank you.

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