My Favorite Bible Study Tools

When studying the Bible I find that I need quite a few tools to dig deep into God’s word, for keeping track of further Bible study ideas, verses God lays on my heart or new verses I find that I love and much more!

What Bible study tools do you love to use?

I’m an over the top planner that works best organized with everything at hand. So, all of my favorite Bible study tools are close by my Bible study haven, aka my bed.

No matter what Bible study method I’m using, I use all of my favorite Bible study tools. Below I’m going to share all my favorites and what I use them for in my Bible study.

My Favorite Bible Study Tools



I love my KJV and it’s primarily all that I use, but I do have a NKJV Women of Faith Bible and a NASB Bible that I use at times.


Notebook or 3 Ring Binder with Paper

I use these for…

– Keeping track of my SOAP throughout the Good Morning Girls’ studies

– Recording verses that I want to look into further or verses God speaks to me through

– Writing down any thoughts I have about the scripture or book I’m studying


Bible Highlighters

I have a set of these colored highlighters so I can keep track of verses that caught my attention or that God spoke to me through.


Matthew Henry Commentaries

It’s like having a Bible scholar in my home ready to answer the Bible questions I have at any moment when I’m using this Bible study tool!

Cruden’s Complete Concordance

Recalling the reference for every verse I’ve read is hard for me (hopefully it’s not just me?!), so this concordance helps me to find a verse with the remembrance of just one word.

3×5 Notecards and Case

Keeping track of prayer requests for friends and family isn’t always easy to do, but being faithful in praying for them is important to me. So, I have a 3×5 card dedicated to each person with the prayer requests they’ve given me and anything God lays on my heart to pray for them.

1828 Noah Webster’s Dictionary

There are very few words from the KJV that are not in this dictionary. I have the app on my iPhone in addition to the hardcover version in my library.

A few tools that I sometimes use during certain Bible studies are…


I’m always looking for new ways to organize or new tools to use in my Bible, so please share your favorite Bible study tools with me!



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My Favorite Bible Study Tools — 7 Comments

  1. My phone, for sure. I love the Bible app. I am an NIV/NASB girl but once in a while I still hit this “what in the world are they trying to say” moment. I like to jump over to The Message to get it in a more basic, every day wording then go back and re-read it in my normal NIV or NASB. It really helps when the mommy brain that is my life is making it hard on my reading comprehension. 🙂

    I also love that I can do my Bible reading while on the elliptical. As a mom, both exercising and devotional time tend to get ignored. I love that I can do both at the same time. That helps to encourage me to do both. (I will never stop using a real, printed Bible but at this stage of life, I am so thankful to be able to use the Bible on my phone.)

    • That is a wonderful opportunity I hadn’t considered! I don’t know that I’m coordinated enough to read and work out though! I love hearing how others find time to be in God’s word each day! Blessings Julie!

  2. I love the Warren Wiersbe “Be” series – they are awesome. 🙂 I always keep a straight edge card handy – so I can underline and highlight straight. Yes, I am OCD! 🙂 <3

    • Notes isn’t something that I can take very easily, though I wish I could! I often think oh I love that and then try to write it down quick enough and fail to get it down most of the time because I keep listening to what is being said and mix it all up! LOL! I’m so glad that you know what works for you though, that is so important to truly studying God’s word! Blessings Tami!

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