Longsuffering in Our Homes

What is Longsuffering?

According to Galatians 5 we are called to be longsuffering. What does it mean to be longsuffering though?

Longsuffering is to “endure injury, trouble, or provocation long and patiently”. 

 Longsuffering in Life

 As humans we often struggle with the wrongs done unto us. We speak of life being unfair.

Yet, as Christians we already know that life will probably be this way at some time in our lives.


Longsuffering in Scripture 

Throughout Scripture we are told that we as Christians will face difficulties, struggles, persecution, etc.

In Luke, Jesus says this, “…if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his across daily, and follow me.”

Titus 3:12 states, “….all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

Jesus tells us that, “…if they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you…”

As Jesus says we must DAILY take up our cross to follow him. The crosses we bear are NOT physical as His was, we must take on all our struggles and deny ourselves. We must be willing to take whatever difficulty comes our way and carry on following after Christ.


Longsuffering in Our Homes

We will be wronged, hurt and crushed often by the people we love most. Being close to others opens up an avenue for our sinful nature to bring pain in personal ways.

In a family you know how each family member ticks, when you’ve been wronged you know exactly how to hurt the one that hurt you.


How Can We Exhibit Longsuffering to Our Families?


1. We must choose to let go of the pain that’s been inflicted on us, pick up and move on. 

Our love for our families coupled with the knowledge that we ALL are sinners must drive us to carry on.


2. We must choose to forgive and not hold grudges. 

As God’s word says, we must forgive in order to be forgiven.


3. We must realize at some point that we will be the one inflicting pain on someone, whether intentional or not.

We don’t want to have anything held against us, so we must do that which we would want done to us.


4. We must remember that God is longsuffering towards us. 

As parents we are to teach our children of His ways. Much of the time this is through our actions! (2 Pet. 3:9)


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