No Longer a Servant

When we choose to become a Christian, to believe in Christ as the Son of God, we are called to leave the world and our old ways behind. This truly shouldn’t be difficult to do if you look at the path of each choice. Down the path of the world you’ll see destruction, pain, lies, hate and anger. While the path that leads toward God the Father and Son, holds peace, joy, comfort, hope and salvation. In the world you will find pleasures, but they come with a heavy price. Following the Lord we’ll never be alone, unloved or lost along the way.

servant, slave

The world has a hold on each of us because we are human. We have flaws…We aren’t perfect. God gave every single one of us a free will. He desired that we make our own choice. It is our decision to choose the gift of salvation that He offers or to turn away and choose a life of sin. God wants to have a relationship with us and that wouldn’t be possible if He “made” us follow Him.

God wants us to choose Him.

He desires to be loved by you…and me. 

With Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross He took on the sins of the world to allow His Father to adopt the sons of men. God could not have adopted us as His sons and daughters without Calvary. Jesus’ pure blood had to be spilled in order to pay for our sins before we could be the sons and daughters of God, adopted into His family.

When you become a child of God, you are no longer a servant. Sin and the world no longer have a hold on us anymore. We are given the great gift of being sons and daughters of God who have a future and a hope! We no longer have to be enslaved to sin.

Not only does sin not have a hold on us anymore once become a child of God, but we also become heirs of God the Father because of Jesus Christ. That is where our future and hope comes from! By becoming the sons and daughters of God, we become heirs to the place that Jesus is preparing for us even now. Heaven is where we belong. Heaven is our home. This is not where we belong.

Where thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ. Galatians 4:7

Did you read that? Before God we were servants to the ways of sin and the world, through our adoption we become children of God with an inheritance!

No longer a servant, but a child…an heir of God!   

When we walk away from the ways of the world we leave behind chains that entangle us. Walking in the ways of the Lord we gain freedom, guidance, peace and comfort from the Lord in heaven above!

While we do not have to be enslaved to sin and tied to the world after becoming a chid of God, we still have to make a choice. Because we are human, daily we will have to make the choice to follow the Lord and His ways. The ways of the world will continue to try and entice us, seeking to draw us away from the Lord.

The question is will we choose to live freely as a child of God or will we continue being a servant?

This post was written as part of my personal study through the book of Galatians. This post is for chapter one, this is chapter two’s post and this is the post for chapter three

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