Obedience Brings Forth a Covenant

Over the last week with Good Morning Girls, we’ve been reading through and studying chapters 6-11 of Genesis. I have absolutely loved going back to the beginning and reading God’s word from when time began.

Many of the stories in Genesis we tend to just breeze over because we’ve heard or read them before. By reading one chapter at a time I’m finding that I am learning so much and seeing things I had never seen before! I simply love that I can be in God’s word every day throughout the years and find something new every time! What a wonderful blessing God’s word is to my life!

Noah’s life really struck me this week as I was reading. His obedience was unbelievable at the time. Rain had never been seen and here he was obeying God and building a boat! Noah chose to obey God at His word. God said rain was coming and Noah could either obey and prepare for it or he could just sit around and wait to see what happened.

Noah's obedience brought forth a covenant from God.

Now take a moment and think…what would have happened if Noah HADN’T obeyed God? 

Noah’s obedience to God preceded the covenant God made in Genesis 9.


My Thoughts on This Scripture…

The first mention of grace in the Bible is in regards to Noah here, God was to wipe the earth clean because of the wickedness that filled it. Yet, God’s grace was given to Noah and his family.


My Thoughts on This Scripture…

God told Noah what he and his family must do. We know Noah was righteous in God’s eyes (Gen. 7:1) and he must have raised his family to obey the Lord because they follow God’s direction without questioning.


My Thoughts on This Scripture…

The first thing Noah does after leaving the ark is build an altar unto the Lord. He was obedient to the Lord, did exactly what He said and then worshiped God immediately.


My Thoughts on This Scripture…

The rainbow is a sign of the covenant God made with Noah, promising to never flood the earth again – it serves as God’s reminder of this promise.


My Thoughts on This Scripture…

Nimrod’s legacy includes being a mighty hunter before the Lord…what will my legacy say?


My Thoughts on This Scripture…

Pride drives men to think they can be and do anything by themselves. Here we see that these men believed that they could actually reach heaven and make a name (become popular/leave a legacy) for themselves by building a tower that touched heaven. One reason they desired to do this was to prevent themselves from being spread throughout the earth. Yet, because of their pride this is exactly how God chose to humble them.



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  2. You know, I had not really thought about it before, but you’re right- Noah is the first mention of God’s grace in the Bible. I’m excited to be reading through these “tried and true” stories again and going deeper with them. Have a great weekend!

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