Pulled Down, Worn Out and Struggling to Overcome

Lately, I’ve been struggling with this thing called life. It has been pulling me down, wearing me out and I just can’t seem to get a handle on it. After a vacation you’d think I’d be refreshed and ready to roll again, but I’m simply not. As a planner and struggling to overcome perfectionist, I just keep plugging away and getting things done.

I struggle with real life friends, but God has blessed with blogging friends in countless numbers. The only difference is they can’t come over for coffee or catch a movie. Our fellowship is via the wonderful world of Facebook chat and Google hangouts. Have I mentioned how much I love this beauty of technology?

Since my dearest friends are too far away to catch a movie, I was blessed to have a couple very dear and precious real life friends tag along with me to catch the newest movie targeted at moms. While I greatly enjoyed our moms’ night out, I walked away still worn out, sad and quite honestly depressed. Why? How can that be? I had a lovely evening with dear friends…I laughed and I cried…I really did like the movie, but something was missing…

This…I believe my dear friend Rebecca hit the nail on the head…you truly must read this.



Starting today with fresh and new ambition coupled with the need for strength from on high. In God’s word is where you will find me digging…soaking up the truth inside…drawing strength from the well that never runs dry…basking in the grace God willingly provides…receiving love from the Author of love Himself.

It is in the Lord and His Word that we must place ourselves. When our strength is gone. When life becomes a struggle. When tears fall throughout the day. He is the only way out of the upside down mess you find yourself in. Begin by digging into God’s word to discover all that you are in Christ.

No matter where you are on your life journey, God’s word is where we should be each and every day. This is what will keep us at peace, strong and stable along the way, because we’ll be drawing closer to God Himself.


These are some of my favorite resources for studying God’s word

Rebecca’s Homeschool Mother’s Prayer Journal and her Happy Mother’s Day Journal.

Stephanie’s More Than Words and her More Than Words for Moms.

Praying for you who are struggling with life, faith and/or family. No matter what struggles you are facing, God holds the key to all that you need. In Christ alone will you be complete and enough.



About Misty Leask

Misty is a Daughter of THE King, Texas girl always, Navy brat at heart, loving Fisherman's wife, blessed mother of 2. She is passionate about being real throughout all of life's struggles, successes and dreams. Her heart is full of ideas and passions, but the hours in her day never multiply to get it all done. Misty loves writing and reading in her spare time. Music and photography are favorite past times of hers as well.


Pulled Down, Worn Out and Struggling to Overcome — 6 Comments

  1. Misty, you hit the nail on the head. WE need fellowship. Online is good, in real life is even better. But real fellowship is not just focused on having a good time or laughing. Those things are good and we need to do it. We need to be filled with joy. But that comes from the spirit. I think too often, that is not taught well. We can’t teach people how to have joy and happiness is fleeting. But we can grow together in real fellowship as we gather together in prayer, seeking the only one who truly changes us and gives us his strength. The movie is funny. It really is. But, it’s just a movie. Just like beauty, laughter based on a moment fades. Sometimes, it can carry you through hard times, but really fellowship with the Father must come first then the rest after that. YOU are such a blessing!

    • Yes, we truly do need fellowship, and I am coming to realize that right now real life isn’t where I have it. Yet, God has given me the fellowship I need for this time in my life. He has given me girls that understand where I am in the blogging-sphere and have very similar aspirations and dreams. Striving together with them by my side to find the joy in the day God has gifted us with and to enjoy the laughter through the moments in life…this is my heart’s desire… Hugs and love dear friend. <3

  2. Amen!
    We have so information coming in from so many different sources at the click of a button – we have the ability to communicate around the world 24 hours a day – that can make it easy to push our relationship with the Lord and our communication with Him to the back burner. He is the One who will fill all the voids and provide that purpose we are seeking. Thank you for this wake up call, my friend!

    • Yes, so very true Linda. It’s amazing how quickly our days slip away. We must be diligent to keep our priorities straight. Hugs!

  3. So glad you’re finding renewal in His love for you. If I weren’t so far away I’d give you a real hug. Thanks for sharing you’re heart and happy to be a bloggy friend. 🙂

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