Relationships: Mother and Child

The mother child relationship has strong bonds that hold them together. Whether it be the nine months that our children were in our womb, or the time we prayed and waited to for God to bring them into our arms, no matter which way God made us a mother, our relationship with our child is stronger than most.

As our children grow though, the mother-child relationship changes. When once they needed us for almost everything, they begin to reach beyond our hand, trying new things and want to build other relationships. It becomes harder to keep the mother child relationship that we’ve had, IF we aren’t careful and aware of the changes before they really begin to happen.


The Mother Child Relationship is Important

One of the biggest reasons that I believe the mother child relationship is important, is because moms are the ones God chose to spend the most time with the children. We need to ensure that we are faithfully fulfilling the calling God has placed on us as mothers. This calling doesn’t end when they become tweens, teens or even adults. Motherhood is a lifetime calling given to us from the Lord, though our relationship and roles may change over time, the calling doesn’t go away.

Grow Together

Neither the mother nor the child are perfect and you will fail each other often on a daily basis. Yet, instead of getting stuck on the “failed” moments, we need to use them to grow together. Use these times to openly discuss how things could have been done differently, what God’s word says about how each of you handle them, etc. Grow together as you spend time¬†with each other.

Make Time for One on One

Mothers with more than one child need to take the time to do things one on one with each of them. This will likely be one of the most difficult tasks of all and it will wear you out at times.

Every child is unique in their own way, they each like different things, respond in different ways, and some will be more open to talking in a group than others. We need to ensure that each child has the opportunity to grow a relationship with us individually.

Quality and Quantity Times Matter

I’ve heard a saying for years and to some extent I agree with it, but not completely.

Quality time is more important than the quantity of time together.

In this day and age we have so many things pulling us in so many directions, and mothers often get this the most. We have our husbands to help, our kids to chauffeur around, our homes calling us to care for them, etc. So, it is easy for us to grab ahold of this statement and take it as truth.

Yet, our kids need both quality time with us AND quantity of time. If we were to have one quality outing or conversation with our child in a month/week and that was it, then we would not be doing our job as a mother. This is where this statement fails. We need to be diligent and consistently making time for our mother child relationship. We must also ensure that it is time of good quality, that it isn’t rushed and that what we do isn’t always based on our desires as a mother. Our children need to have input as to how we spend time building our mother child relationship.


Your time is precious and it must be planned out in order to accomplish the things God has called you to. Don’t let time with your children be something that falls to the side. Building a mother child relationship now is the key for a continued relationship with them as adults.





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  1. Hi

    You have touched upon one of the most delicate and the most important relationship that can possibly exist. I myself wrote about this today and when I found this bog, felt very touched. I also read some real practical and useful tips in the blog. Thanks for the share.

    • Thank you for your kind words! It is truly an amazing relationship that God blessed us with! Thank you for stoppin by! <3

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