Being Real: Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom was not part of my plan. It was God’s plan for me though and you can read my story about becoming a stay at home mom here.


Ultimately God calls us to be stay at home moms. We see throughout the bible God telling parents to raise their children in the Lord, from the rising of the sun and throughout each and every day. If the majority of our kids’ time is not spent with us, how are we fulfilling this calling?

“Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes. And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.And thou shalt write them upon the door posts of thine house, and upon thy gates: That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children, in the land which the LORD swore unto your fathers to give them, as the days of heaven upon the earth.”

Deuteronomy 11:18-21
“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6
There are a lot of misconceptions that people have for stay at home moms. I’m going to share some actual facts today that show why these misconceptions aren’t true.

Stay at Home Mom Facts

FACT: Being a stay at home mom is not all fun and games.

While there are times the fun and games ar ein abundance, more often than not it’s about training…praying…breathing…and…repeating…


FACT: The days begin early.


Whether it be a crying baby, a toddler prying open your eyes with their fingers or older kids getting their breakfast; the day requires running from the start…and coffee…lots of coffee…


FACT: Stay at home moms clean constantly.


As a working mom, I used to think my house was never clean…how naive I was. Being home all day with the kids means the cleaning never ends. You become happy with maintaining the clutter during the week and strive to “deep clean” on the weekend…just like a working mom.


FACT: Nap times are never love enough.
Whether you’re trying to tidy up or just want to sit and enjoy some peace and quiet…this down time is never long enough…just like a lunch break is never long enough.


The Reasons We Become Stay at Home Moms

As a stay at home mom we wonder how we can possibly get more done in our days, but I’m quickly reminded that we didn’t become stay at home moms to keep our houses cleaner or cook Betty Crocker worthy meals…

God called us home to raise, nurture and love our children. Our kids are the reason we made the choice to come home full time. We’ve made financial and social sacrifices to care for the little blessings God has given us.



Life doesn’t always go as we planned, (I know this first hand)…things like divorce, remarriage, separation, unwed mothering, and being a single mom at times require a working mom. It is during the times when being a stay at home mom is not possible that we must be constant in prayer for our children. Striving to do our best by placing them in Christian day care and/or schools to ensure they’re being taught of the Lord and His ways when we’re at work providing for their needs.

Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, ensure that you are cherishing and spending quality time with the little blessings God has given you. If you’re a working mom that desires to come home and raise your children as God designed us too, pray…and don’t stop until the prayer is answered. I will be praying for you.




About Misty Leask

Misty is a Daughter of THE King, Texas girl always, Navy brat at heart, loving Fisherman's wife, blessed mother of 2. She is passionate about being real throughout all of life's struggles, successes and dreams. Her heart is full of ideas and passions, but the hours in her day never multiply to get it all done. Misty loves writing and reading in her spare time. Music and photography are favorite past times of hers as well.


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  1. I’m visiting from the Mommy Moments link up. I pray things will work out for me to be a stay at home mom. (We’re expecting our first child in November). Unfortunately, not much in life has gone according to my plan so we’ll see.

  2. Being a stay-at-home mom is glorious, awesome and completely exhausting all at the same time. My younger-career-driven self never envisioned myself having kids, let alone being a stay-at-home mom. But I felt incredibly compelled to stay at home with my son, and so far, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

    • Yes! It is a hard, but oh so rewarding choice! I’m thankful for each day I have, I pray that when they’re older I’ll have less regrets than if I had chosen to continue being a working mom. Blessings Lauren! 🙂

  3. I know about being an unwed mother, working mother and now I am a homemaker. I had always want to raise my children and take care of my home and family but due to the unwed mother situation I could not be that with my first two children. I prayed about my situation cause all I wanted to do was to be the one to raise my children and not have to rely upon anyone else to do so. Being a homemaker is my calling and I am proud of my title and job. Great post, found you HDYDI

    • That is wonderful! It isn’t an easy road being an unwed mom or a working mom, but I believe it has made me stronger today as a stay at home mom! Thank you for stoppin by! 🙂 Blessings!

    • Yes, our children are what God desires us as mothers to grow up in His word. If we aren’t around them then that is very difficult, not impossible, but difficult. It wasn’t easy finding a Christian daycare, nor was it a reasonable price. Yet, I made it work because it was important to me that if I had to work that they be around Christian women. Thank you for hosting! Blessings!

  4. I’ve heard a quote: A child is never so good that his mother isn’t happy when he’s asleep.
    I love kids and look forward to being a mom, even when I hear that there’s always more things to do.

    • That’s a good one! I’ve never heard it! 🙂 It is a true blessing being a mom and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Thank you for sharing and stoppin by! 🙂

  5. I agree-God loves us and wants His love to spread especially through motherhood. Being a Mom is challenging, but brings true happiness! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have been at home with my children for almost ten years now. Wow, a decade. Sometimes I look at that and wonder what in the world I have done in all that time, but then I really look at them and am reminded about how well I know them and how well they know me. It is absolutely worth every perplexing, frustrating, joyful moment!

    • It flies by doesn’t it? I’ve been a stay at home mom for going on 5 years and I can’t believe it! It is definitely worth it! Blessings Heather! <3

  7. Thank you for sharing this on Mommy Moments! The sacrifices of staying at home are eternally worth it.

    The monotonous cooking-cleaning-diaper changing-laundry cycle has been overwhelming as a relatively new stay-at-home mom; like I just can’t keep up with things. Then I remind myself that I don’t stay at home to keep a spotless house or, like you mentioned, cook like Betty Crocker; I stay at home to raise our child in the Lord and be there for my family!

    I come from a similar background to you, where staying at home definitely wasn’t a part of my plan, but the Lord changed my heart and now I would not want it any other way!

    • Amen! Yes, leave the laundry and the dishes at times and live in the moment! Praying that God gives you peace about being a wife and mom the way He intended! Blessings! <3

  8. Before my son was born (and becoming a stay-at-home mom), I was a substitute teacher. Taking care of my one child all day and night long, 365 days a year, is definitely harder than managing a classroom for eight hours a day five days a week. But it’s also the most rewarding “job” I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • It is indeed the hardest job I’ve ever done as well, but the rewards exceed the difficulties! Thank you for stoppin by Jannelle! Blessings! <3

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    • Yes, it is important to be reminded of why we are where we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. Thankful that it spoke to you and pray it was a sweet reminder. Blessings!

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